Concrete Zen is a workshop that specializes in concrete solutions for design. It is a resource for Architects, Designers and Specifiers. It will allow each creative professional, or individual, an opportunity to achieve the most flexibility in their design.  Concrete Zen will assist in a tangible application for a project vision without endless hours resourcing materials to fit. Concrete Zen welcomes collaborations with homeowners, trade professionals and other artisans. This fusion often lends value engineering to a project while customizing the results.

Concrete Zen, a division of Take Pride Construction and Design LLC, is dedicated to using over 100 years of combined engineering and tradesman experience to provide the absolute highest quality decorative concrete. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of versatility to mend with existing Architectural Styles as well as aligning ourselves to push the genres further. We can work together to truly achieve a custom project for the client.

The workshop is a solution for the following:

Flooring and Wall Treatments:
•   Custom tiles handmade and polished
•   Concrete Overlays – Stained, Integral coloring, engraved and sealed
•   Wearable Toppings - Stained, Integral coloring, engraved and sealed

•   Counters, Fireplaces, tables, benches, showers and furniture
•   Distressed, Stained, Custom

•   Custom Styles made
•   In stock styles with 3 week lead time

Planters and Fire Bowls 
•   Custom made shapes and styled
•   Limitless design options

Water Features (Waterstone Collection):
•   Collaboration between Josh Parise and Concrete Zen
•   Concrete Vessels designed as water features