Brian Sieffert & Jim Ralston at Cheng Concrete

img_7946 Brian Sieffert and Jim Ralston at Cheng Concrete

I have had 16 years as a General Contractor in the Pittsburgh Area. In the beginning...I was a Painter. I progressed quickly into the rehab and restoration of the older homes in Pittsburgh - specifically the Italianate and Queen Anne Style Victorian Homes. On the interior of these homes they often times had old wall liner paper or calcimine paint. After these layers were removed we had 2 choices: Hard coating or texturing. Texturing came often enough for me to learn my way around a texture sprayer and a hopper gun. GFRC was taught to me by Jim Ralston and Brandon Gore. Jim is shown here in the picture. I had a more extensive GFRC training with Jim and since took the engineering and testing behind this technique to the Labs around Pittsburgh. We have Compression and Tensile Strength lab results of our samples made from the workshop. The results are amazing. GFRC method of decorative concrete was not as challenging for me with Organic Chemistry experience at the University and coating system knowledge from the painting industry. Our shop is a concrete workshop, but resembles a lab with all of the scales, containers, additives and pigments. The transition from the painting industry - to the world of decorative concrete is a great inspiration. It uncovered all of the great professionals out there!

At Concrete Zen we have a great team and hope to contribute to this group of creative and talented individuals. We are taking our experience from all of the other fields and putting our own style on all of these unique mediums and methods. This workshop was started with Phil Martino a pioneer in the Pittsburgh area with Pre-engineered Nucor buildings (One of the largest recyclers in North America). With our combined efforts Concrete Zen can help meet the needs of the Sustainable Trends of the Building Industry !-B