Brian Sieffert received Cheng Certification

In January of 2008, Brian Sieffert traveled to Berkeley California to attend Fu-Tung Cheng's Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Countertop & Sink training program.

Why use GFRC?  Lighter, stronger, seamless concrete countertop projects in one-third the time. CHENG GFRC Countertop + Sink Training provided advanced in-depth instruction on how to build a concrete countertop that will provide the benefits of being lighter at 9 lbs./s.f. (on average) and allow up to 20 l.f. of seamless countertop runs. Time savings is another key benefit for the GFRC method—projects can be de-molded 24 hours after casting.

Another benefit of is much "greener".  The GFRC method requires one-third less material and does not require any steel reinforcement as compared to standard wet cast methods.

Brian received his CHENG certification at the conclusion of this program and is now a highly skilled decorative concrete designer & fabricator.