Among Concrete’s Many Attributes is Sustainability!

Brian Sieffert and Jim Ralston De molding GFRC Sink

Concrete is such a viable solution for Architects, Builders, Designers and Homeowners that can be used as a “Green” material. A article gives us many reasons why; some of which are: 1. Efficient use of resources. At Concrete Zen, VCAS ( By-Product of the Fiberglass manufacturing industry) is used in the mixture. VCAS helps with pinholes, increases concrete durability, better form detail, and reduces efflorescence (all the benefits of using a waste by-product loading). 2. Lasting durability, which VCAS helps with, 3. Heat Retention, it also has the “ability to absorb heat" and  Energy bills can be dramatically reduced! 4. Run Off Management, Permeable Concrete used as pavers pose a solution to “flash floods” and aid in replenishing the water table!

We are committed to working with Sustainable Developments in Construction to improve the Timeless Creative Design that we can offer with Concrete. - EE/B