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Clean Air & Climate Change Policy

Working at Concrete Zen makes me feel good. Producing a green product that helps reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process also makes me feel great about all my hard work there. Seeing that my teammates and I are not alone in our beliefs that energy effeciency is important makes me feel like its all worth it.....Why? Because the more people who focus on putting "good energy"out there, the better it is.

"...As the most readily deployable source of carbon-free electricity generation, wind power is uniquely positioned to contribute to the Global Energy solution, especially in the early years of the climate protection effort, when few other options are available.  Generating 20% of U.S. electricity from wind would be the climate equivalent of removing 140 million vehicles from the roadways.  But the potential will not be realized unless climate legislation provides an economic incentive to switch to clean energy sources."

"AWEA seeks climate legislation that includes an aggressive near-term goal, such as a 15 to 20% carbon dioxide reduction by 2020, in order to promote a near-term shift to renewable energy and get the quick start on greenhouse gas emissions reductions scientists tell us is needed.  Additional "recommendations are available in the New Wind Agenda report."

Recently, I discovered the AWEA or The American Wind Energy Association online. I stumbled accross the  great article" Clean Air & Climate Change Policy"(posted above )on their website: http://tr.im/R0MV. Hopefully it inspires you, as it does me, to keep up the good work! -Nikki