SoyCrete -- Making Concrete Greener with Every Coat

In an effort to make all of our projects and ventures as green as we can, Concrete Zen has been using a product called SoyCrete on several recent projects.  SoyCrete is a green alternative to acid stains that are harmful to the environment.  SoyCrete is an architectural concrete stain that has the durability, flexibility, and control of an acid stain without all of the damaging environmental effects.  The bio-based stain is made from rapidly renewable resources such as natural plant oils, and is combined with 100% soy ester pigments that allow for maximum penetration into the substrate and creates a barrier that is water, mold, mildew, and UV resistant.  In addition, SoyCrete has the capability to be customized to any color.  The use of SoyCrete on projects can also contribute by earning points towards a LEED certification in both the Materials & Resources and Indoor Air Quality divisions.  SoyCrete has proven to be a trusted product to Concrete Zen, here are a few photos of a fireplace hearth in which we used the green product.  Concrete Zen purchases SoyCrete from Artemis Environmental in Pittsburgh, PA.