Concrete Proves its Versatility is Endless

If you've followed our blog, you've realized that there are endless possibilities when it comes to the application of concrete.  The shape, form, size, and finish are completely customizable.  Our most popular applications are countertops, overlays, and planters.  However, the versatility of decorative concrete has led Concrete Zen into other interesting ventures such as manufacturing furniture.  Concrete Zen has made benches and tables on a few different occasions.  For instance,  here is Nicole polishing slurry on a cone bistro table for the City Theater.


Not only can concrete be formed into furniture or countertops, but it can be used as an overlay on floors and walls.  Overlays can give a space a completely different look by coating an extremely thin layer of concrete over virtually any existing surface.  We have gone over top of ceramic tile and brick with ease.  Concrete Zen continues to look for new and innovative ways to use concrete in every project we complete.  Looking forward to exciting projects ahead!