GFRC Featured at the Green Show at Chatham University

Nicole explaining the GFRC Admix design to University students
Nicole explains the GFRC Admix design to University students
Concrete Zen participated in Chatham University Annual Green Show for the 2nd year in a row last week. The idea was to raise awareness to the emerging professionals and students of the concrete workshop and the products that can be created locally for design and finish schedules. Our primary focus was on the application of the GFRC- Glass Fiber reinforced concrete. This product is made from our workshop stonger and thinner than traditional concrete mixes. We load VCAS to the cement load that helps with color retention, strength, reduction of salts, surface cracking and pinholes. This product is the industrial by-product of the fiberglass industry. The use of glass fibers helps the strength of the mix and limits the need for re-bar and metal screen. At the workshop mixing the GFRC is a precise undertaking (more like a lab with digital scales , small containers and various scooping accessories). With these methods of production we reduse the waste of extra product, water and aggregate. Extra product is used in a variey of molds we have on standby at the shop. We use all of the surplus product during batch runs.  Concrete Zen is open for suggestions on the use of extra batches for charity, art experiments or any creative use!