VCAS -the Pozzolan of Concrete Zen's Mixture

Pont du Gard, France - Roman Aqueduct 19 BC Pont du Gard, France - Roman Aqueduct 19 BC

 A pozzolan is a generic term for additives found in white cement, mortar and concrete products. Concrete stands the test of time due to pozzolans used in ancient Rome obtained from "burned limestone and Santorum earth from volcanic eruptions."-. VCAS is used to fortify the cementitious mixture to improve its durability and strength. It also " [serves] to densify  and reduce the permeability of concrete, which helps to make it more resistant to deterioration and swelling associated with various exposureconditions." VCAS is a silicate and is a by-product of the fiberglass industry. Using VCAS conserves energy and emissions during the manufacturing of concrete.--Elizabeth E.