Parging Solution for High Design

Working with Modified Parging Materials Working with Modified Parging Materials

We are working on the new space at the workshop and would like to experiement with our GFRC Face Mix and Vertical Surfaces. We added 3mm glass fibers and adjusted the other admixtures. We used pure white sand and VCAS to get a "whiter" appearence. The cost savings to other bagged goods is tremendous. Now we have to design something to make the walls look good. I was thinking about gallery style white and hanging our sample boards and sample pieces on the wall to resemble art. Another part on us wants to get wild with the walls and see what we can do on the vertical surfaces. Pros: No mesh, Scratch coat may be the finish coat, stronger adhesion, fibers help with cracking, fast cure, staining and design creativity unlimited. Cons: Need to work fast -(3 people per sack mix), need a good trial person, gets messy when spraying, and clean up- Boo. - Brian