Floor Overlay Coating treatments

Ice Crystal Coffee Concrete Overlay Ice Crystal Coffee Concrete Overlay

Although Concrete Overlays may be common and a popular solution in various parts of the Nation. Pittsburgh is getting a glimpse of this innovative floor system. The application is for old concrete either for slab on grade buildings, previously coated floors , failed/tired ceramic, driveways, walkways, patios. This product can be used in an interior or exterior application. The different brands of overlays in the Pittsburgh area are similar in which they are mixed and applied. The surface is prepared by grinding all of the foreign materials: (old paint, mastic(glue), thinset, vinyl, old sealer ...) The cracks (if any ) are ground out to a "V" groove and filled with either epoxy or acrylic modified patch. The surface is then treated with a bonding agent. The concrete overlay is then put on using one of these methods http://bit.ly/3HODgP (Concrete Network). The options are endless: reactive staining, stencils, spray grout pattens, stamps, dyes, or other faux finish designs can apply. This can be an inexpensive way to restore or rehab any floor treatments for a project. Commercial, Institutional and Industrial uses can save ten's of thousands. The coating creates a "clean slate" that is resilient for high traffic. The coating are permenent and need only to be sealed over time. At Concrete Zenwe have been trained in these methods and strive to apply them in an original organic format. Our costs for the overlays range from $3.00- $7.00 per square foot. The stampable overlays may be a bit more depending on the size of the project.  Contact us www.