GFRC Counter with Integrated Sink

GFRC Counter with Drainboard and Ammonite GFRC Counter with Drainboard and Ammonite

img_1062 Integrated Concrete Sink with Petrified wood as erosion point.

GFRC - Alkaline Resistant Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is the most common method we use at the Concrete Zen Workshop. This counter was designed by a local artist in the Pittsburgh area. This is one part of the entire counter which includes: Custom made extra deep sink mold with petrified wood as erosion point, integrated drain board with trivet rails that will have copper placed in them, integrated cutting board adjacent the sink that seams with other section, integrated fruit bowl, recycled black glass (set by the client at the shop), and Mr. Ammonite front and center. This section piece is a little over 9' at 1-1/2". We are able to make custom molds that may suit all of our creative clients' needs.