Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Cherokee Red


Concrete Zen was commissioned to work on an historical project in Pittsburgh, PA. The project involved some bathroom remodeling which included matching the home's Cherokee red floors. These red floors are a signature style of Frank Lloyd Wright, and those who have designed under the same school of architecture. The house we had worked in was the Lipkind House, recognized in 1989 by Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation.  The house was designed by Peter Berndtson, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The floor was finished in 1954 by using a color hardener troweled in by concrete finishers. The control joints we cut had to match the pattern of the house, which was designed in segments of a circle - no square edges, and enlarging gradually from the epicenter of the house. These joints were cut in by using special tools designed by Engrave a Crete. The texture was completed with an overlay modified by polymers, and a mix of integral reds using steel trowels my great Uncle Dan may have used. The finish was a combination of water based concrete stain and pigmented sealers to match the worn appearance of years of wax maintenance. This step was completed by Nicole Santella, as she tuned out the distractions, myself included, and tuned into her iPod. The clients were happy, and so were we!