GA/GI Festival 2011: Eco-Friendly Fun

The 2nd annual Geek Artists/Green Innovators Festival was held on April 1st and 2nd.  The festival included several events that spanned over the two days including multiple art gallery exhibitions, shows, activities for children,  and more.  The events were kicked off with the start of Penn Avenue's "Unblurred", an event that happens the first Friday of each month, with the opening of multiple gallery exhibits, shows, live performances, and demos, and an Eco-friendly fashion show.  The GA/GI Fashion "Fuzeion" Eco-Tech Fashion Show, held at the Pittsburgh Glass Center,  featured several designers from local teenagers, to some who have shown in Paris.  All clothing shown was considered "eco-friendly" fashion, with pieces made from salvaged materials such as tea bags and newspapers, and sustainable fibers used in vintage-inspired looks.  The show was sponsored by Fuze, 0 calorie beverages.  Concrete Zen's own, Nicole Santella, walked in the show amongst several other models.  This is her second time in the show, as she also walked at last year's GA/GI Festival fashion show.  Click here to see pictures from the show!