Concrete Overlays Provide a Unique Solution for Wall and Floor Treatments

One of Concrete Zen's most popular and versatile concrete applications is concrete overlay, a thin layer of concrete over virtually any surface.  This unique treatment is commonly used on the floor, but has been used on walls, fireplace hearths, and other vertical surfaces.  Concrete Zen has also ventured into the bathroom with concrete overlay, using it on the walls, floors, shower pans, and shower stalls.  Overlays are unique, in that you can cover up imperfections such as cracks in an existing concrete slab, or simply go directly over existing tile, instead of causing all of the dust and debris that would come from the traditional process of tile demolition.  A leveler is applied to the surface first, to level out any uneven areas.  Then, a very thin layer of concrete, only about an 1/8" or 1/4" thick, is applied to the surface and then stained to practically any color or color combination a client may desire.  Check out the gallery below to see the process at a job we just completed in the Upper Saint Clair area, in addition to other previously completed projects.