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Ice Crystal Coffee Concrete Overlay Ice Crystal Coffee Concrete Overlay

Although Concrete Overlays may be common and a popular solution in various parts of the Nation. Pittsburgh is getting a glimpse of this innovative floor system. The application is for old concrete either for slab on grade buildings, previously coated floors , failed/tired ceramic, driveways, walkways, patios. This product can be used in an interior or exterior application. The different brands of overlays in the Pittsburgh area are similar in which they are mixed and applied. The surface is prepared by grinding all of the foreign materials: (old paint, mastic(glue), thinset, vinyl, old sealer ...) The cracks (if any ) are ground out to a "V" groove and filled with either epoxy or acrylic modified patch. The surface is then treated with a bonding agent. The concrete overlay is then put on using one of these methods http://bit.ly/3HODgP (Concrete Network). The options are endless: reactive staining, stencils, spray grout pattens, stamps, dyes, or other faux finish designs can apply. This can be an inexpensive way to restore or rehab any floor treatments for a project. Commercial, Institutional and Industrial uses can save ten's of thousands. The coating creates a "clean slate" that is resilient for high traffic. The coating are permenent and need only to be sealed over time. At Concrete Zenwe have been trained in these methods and strive to apply them in an original organic format. Our costs for the overlays range from $3.00- $7.00 per square foot. The stampable overlays may be a bit more depending on the size of the project.  Contact us www.

USGBC "Concrete:Top Pic for Countertops in a Green Home"

via-white-concrete-countertopConcrete is a very resilient material for countertops. It is not by nature a green product - cement production and transportation are extremely energy-intensive—but if the aggregate is recycled and locally sourced, and load additives such as VCAS can be added, the energy intensity falls.

Concrete can be molded into custom shapes and dyed almost any color or given distinctive blended looks, though you should inquire about the toxicity of dyes. Once cast into countertops, concrete can withstand heat very well. However, concrete counters should be sealed periodically to limit stains, water damage and bacterial growth, and heat can damage the seal. Certain sealers with nanotechnology can resist 99% of the staining and withstand heat of boiling pots set directly onto them

Treated well, concrete can last a lifetime. At the end of its useful life in your kitchen, it can be reused whole or cut for other projects. Unwanted concrete can be crushed into aggregate for producing new concrete, saving energy used in mining resources to produce new concrete and keeping old concrete out of landfills. - Source USGBC Green Home Guide - B

Brian Sieffert received Cheng Certification

In January of 2008, Brian Sieffert traveled to Berkeley California to attend Fu-Tung Cheng's Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Countertop & Sink training program.

Why use GFRC?  Lighter, stronger, seamless concrete countertop projects in one-third the time. CHENG GFRC Countertop + Sink Training provided advanced in-depth instruction on how to build a concrete countertop that will provide the benefits of being lighter at 9 lbs./s.f. (on average) and allow up to 20 l.f. of seamless countertop runs. Time savings is another key benefit for the GFRC method—projects can be de-molded 24 hours after casting.

Another benefit of GFRC...it is much "greener".  The GFRC method requires one-third less material and does not require any steel reinforcement as compared to standard wet cast methods.

Brian received his CHENG certification at the conclusion of this program and is now a highly skilled decorative concrete designer & fabricator.

Welcome to the Concrete Zen Blog!

Welcome to Concrete Zen's Blog.  Concrete Zen is based in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Decorative Concrete Design, Fabrication & Installation Workshop.  We are eager to meet with creative clients and design professionals. If you can imagine it, we can create it! We can consult for value engineering and design build fabrication as it applies to Sustainable Construction.

Our Concrete mixtures are more environmentally friendly than conventional concrete mixes.  It can also be given any color or texture to perfectly match the environment it will used within.  Concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular due to Eco-resposability, durability, resilience, creativity, the possibility to create almost any color, shape and size. We can match just about any shade of coloe with pigment specialists on staff!

We strive to provide the absolute highest quality and the latest techniques. Our goal is to stay the course of Green Building practices. We want to achieve this without it costing the end user more money to be responsible. Concrete Zen is a workshop created by two leaders in the residential and commercial construction industries with over 100 years of combined construction and engineering experience. We create and install Concrete/GFRC countertops, sinks, design elements, tiles, and overlays. Please let us know how we can help your imagination become reality!