Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use to clean my ConcreteZen product?
We recommend using a mild, non-abrasive, non-ammoniated soap for daily cleaning. Stone soap may also be used for ongoing maintenance and conditioning. Suggested products: Bon Ami, Simple Green (dilute as suggested), Dr. Bronner's Natural Soap (5 parts water and 1 part soap).

Is concrete always sealed?
Concrete is sealed and waxed to protect it from staining and moisture. The level and kind of sealer varies per project. We recommend re-waxing every 3 months and re-sealing every 2 years. Expect your ConcreteZen product to develop a patina and improve with time.

Will concrete crack?
Although not considered a defect, non-structural hairline cracks are possible and may result from shrinkage as the concrete fully cures.

Is concrete structurally reinforced?
Using our own proprietary casting process, each piece is custom reinforced with alkaline resistant fibers resulting in a product with extremely high strength at only a fraction of the weight of typical concrete.

Can concrete be seamless?
Depending on overall dimensions, and the product, joints are often incorporated to accommodate handling. Joints are kept to a tolerance of 1/8" and filled with a color-matching latex. All joints are carefully considered and contribute to the stone-like quality of the material. Concrete on flooring may require control jointing to accommodate any potential of cracking. 

Are there color choices?
Almost an unlimited amount of color choices. In addition to our line of standard colors, custom color matching is available. Custom aggregates and inlays are also available.

Who will install the concrete?
We provide an installation service for all of our concrete projects. If you choose to self install we provide product pick up at our workshop or local retail outlet.

Do we Deliver Waterstone Fountains?
Delivery and installation is available. Delivery Starting at $50 and based upon location. Installation starting at $100 and based upon piece and placement.

Can Aquatic Life be added to my Waterstone / Fountain?
Several of the the Waterstone pieces can be retrofitted to accommodate aquatic life. The process (where applicable) includes the addition of filtration & aeration. These retro fit kits are available starting at $150 and are based on piece, size, and placement of the piece.

What other services does ConcreteZen provide?
From the planning stage of the project to its inception, we provide assistance with design, shop drawings, samples, LEED certification consultation, and whatever else is necessary to contribute to the success of the project.

What products does ConcreteZen make?
Since 2006 ConcreteZen has been fabricating countertops, tabletops, tubs, sinks, fireplace pits and surrounds, tile, fountains, stairs, wall panels, furniture, floors, planters and other objects of interest.

Where can I find samples?
Artemis Environmental proudly serves as the local distributor for ConcreteZen.